Your Start isn’t for anyone’s eyes… It’s For Your Relief.

Your Start isn’t for anyone’s eyes… It’s For Your Relief.


Making that connection within myself really propelled my outlook on life and achievement.

I would always pain myself, not knowing exactly what I wanted to accomplish in my life but also knowing that I was meant to accomplish something that would help many people. But what was it? Anytime I would get an idea and want to start building, creating, or just simply doing something, I would immediately stop. I would just stand there and think, “this isn’t the big thing that I’m suppose to do. This isn’t the big thing thats going to change/help the world.” And there it would go, straight to the shelf. Not of trophies, but of unfinished and untraveled ideas.

I’m 26, my birthday was just a few days ago. I have had many ideas, hopes and dreams that I have not continued to venture or act upon, let alone start. It was always a subtle fear that, “this is going to be my offer to the world? It’s completely incongruent with my big thoughts, hopes, and dreams.” I would kind of feel embarrassed, for reasons that I’m not completely sure of. Maybe it was that I didn’t fully know what my purpose was, or what exactly in the world I wanted to help, fix, or clean up. Maybe it was the uncertainty of the journey. Maybe it was that I wanted some support from family and friends that I thought wasn’t there. Maybe a combination of them all. Or maybe it was that I was still trying to understand who I was, and who I was going to be.

I haven’t figured it all out and don’t believe that I ever will. I’m still understanding myself as a person and who I strive to be. But I now know that those aren’t legitimate reasons. There merely excuses. Very convincing excuses. Excuses that you tell yourself and you believe them so much that you don’t even start your life’s work. You tell yourself, “I’m just not ready, there’s just somethings that I have to figure out first. It’s been difficult and I haven’t had the chance to get to my passion. My family doesn’t understand and isn’t supportive.” I’ve made those comments to myself among others for a long time. I was extremely disappointed in myself, extremely sad. I thought that I was just a bad salesman, selling myself on something that I didn’t have the talent to achieve. Extremely painful to deal with and try to comprehend, you just felt incomplete, unfulfilled, unsuccessful, and ironically unappreciated.

“Your start is not for anyone’s eyes, it’s for your relief.” – Victor Terrazas

That’s the secret. Your beginning result is never going to be what your end result is, unless you wait until the end to begin.

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” – Pablo Picasso

Never judge the possibilities of your idea, never judge the size of your idea, never judge the impact of your idea. You just don’t know what it will turn in to or where that idea will lead you. A big thing that holds us back with starting is other peoples opinions. what we have to desperately understand is that your start isn’t for anyone’s eyes, it’s for your relief! Even if it doesn’t feel like your completely on the exact path or the right path. Finding your purpose and your offering to the world begins with just starting anything and then pivoting your way to your purpose. Historically the greatest ideas were completely outrageous or completely simple that they seemed irrelevant. We just don’t know where we will travel in life, if we don’t start our journey we will never find out.

“Finding your purpose and your offering to the world begins with just starting anything and then pivoting your way to your purpose.” – Victor Terrazas


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