You NEED to Reach Your Breaking Point

Reaching your breaking point is what you need, breaking through your breaking point is a must.

If growth is what you’re seeking.

When was the last difficult situation or chunk of your life that you’ve been through? How did you deal with it? How did you get through it? Would you say it pushed you to your breaking point?

Did you break through your breaking point?

It’s truly vital to clearly look at those moments that come to us in our lives. They aren’t unfortunate events, actually anything but. They’re actually a blessing; they force you to get through emotions, struggles, and even personal assumptions that you have been avoiding, unsure of how to deal with, or too stubborn to change.

What greater gift could you ask for?

Being able to push through and reach the other side, the brighter side, or simply push through to be able to continue on your path. In my experience, my biggest growth spurts have resulted from these breaking point moments. My recent breaking point involved my own family. To be honest, it was the number 1 situation that I was struggling with my whole life. I never was able to solve, help, or even move past this situation my whole life.

I attempted at every stage of my life:

  • Gave the best of me as a child
  • Gave the best of me as an adolescent
  • Gave the best of me as a teen
  • Gave the best of me as a young man
  • and Finally Gave the best of me as a man

It all sadly did not work, nothing was resolved, we aren’t closer or even on speaking terms. You could arguably say that its actually worst now than before, but I don’t see it that way. I think its better now than it has ever been. Not that we all changed, apologized, and have all grown to be mature adults. No. Not at all. But now I’m not dwelling on it anymore. I’m an emotional character, you could say that its a result of my childhood, the extremities of how emotionally I handled all of those years. But I’m confident that its just who I am. I wanted our family to be a family, to talk, laugh, socialize, you know, be a family. But that can’t be forced upon anyone, especially if they aren’t ready for it.

Going through this experience allowed me to hit another HUGE growth spurt in my life. Believe me, it was extremely difficult dealing with the whole situation. Took a huge emotional tole on me, my wife, and my children. But being persistent and breaking through your breaking point with focus and commitment brings the most amazing surprises.

Clarity, peace, and Freedom.

Keep pushing, Stay focused, it’s much easier than you think, you’ll see. 🙂

Have Strength & Faith.

We’ll talk more.

Love you.

Victor Terrazas


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